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Theo Toering

Founder and Managing Director Bamboo Brands
+31 6 4174 1990

Doutsen Hoekstra

International Project Lead Bamboo Brands
+31 6 1274 4419

Anouk Kopijn

International Discovery Specialist Bamboo Brands
+31 6 1499 5290

Sandra Gorissen

International Projectlead Bamboo Brands
+31 6 1568 3723

May Meppe

International Project Assistent Bamboo Brands
+31 6 3628 3609

If you would like to join our successful team, and believe that you can bring qualities that will help our clients to improve the speed and effectiveness of their innovations, please get in touch! We look forward to getting to know you over a cup of coffee.

European retailers where, as Bamboo Brands, we have executed our in-store market assets:



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